How does one go about setting leader line properties with an annotation feature class? When I reduce the size of the font of the annotation, the leader line stays the same size, so currently I have small text with a big fat leader line. The only Pro-related answer I've found so far is to edit the behavior in the label properties, but I can't do that because I'm not making these from labels; I'm making notes on a map, highlighting specific features or areas of interest.

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I've done very little with annotations in ArcGIS Pro but I believe you create and set your call out in the annotation class on creation of the symbol from within the Catalog Panel. It appears you are unable to retrospectively change it. I may be wrong on that? You can certainly add new classes.

To understand what I am suggesting watch the video below.

ArcGIS Pro and setting a call out leader video

  • I certainly haven't seen where you can change it after it's done. I think that's definitely an oversight in the design of the edit tools not to include that capability, and to instead have to edit it at the feature-class level. Oh well, this works for me and my purposes. Thank you! Jul 1 '20 at 12:48

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