Is there a way to re-generate an isochrone in a CARTOframes map from some kind of user interaction?

For example, modify the minute's value:

isochrones_gdf, _ = Isolines().isochrones(stadiums_df, [15*60], mode='car')

to something like

isochrones_gdf, _ = Isolines().isochrones(stadiums_df, [myDynamicValue], mode='car')

I need to create something similar to this using CartoFrames

  • What is the problem you are having? Are you getting any error? – ramiroaznar Jul 1 '20 at 9:57
  • no, actually what I need to is something I'm not sure it can be accomplished with CartoFrames. I need to load a set of points and draw Isolines in real-time when the user clicks on them. I need to do something like this using CartoFrames carto.com/location-data-services/isolines – Alfredo Bollati Jul 2 '20 at 12:37

Unfortunately, CARTOframes widgets only work with the already fetched data. So the user only is able to update the visualization based on this data. In order to generate a new isochrone, you would need to do some LBS API calls. Something that is completely out of the scope of CARTOframes widgets.

The URL you are referring to looks like a pre-built. So the isolines are previously created, and the filter does not generate the isoline on the fly.

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