I am using QGIS semi-automatic classification plugin, supervised classification (LC Classification) of Sentinel 2. My Question is:

According to the online tutorials (please check the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcETq8OWM0k, 8:02- "Create the Band Set"), for the classification, need to create band set: SCP > Band set. while all parameters are set, QGIS will create a "Virtual Band Set 1", with this "Virtual band set 1", I can change color composite to identify objects while creating ROIs. But I need to know which resampling algorithm is used by default? SCP-create band set--> virtual band set created automatically enter image description here OR is creating a virtual band set similar to creating a virtual raster?

So, I end up creating virtual raster manually, by clicking Raster > Miscellaneous > build virtual raster, I've used all 13 Sentinel 2 band as input, and rest of the setting please see image: create virtual raster manually enter image description here

But, after a virtual raster is created manually, you can not switch different band composites by using this virtual raster, this is difficult for me to identify objects (while creating ROIs) in the different color composites.

Can anyone please help me? am I even in the right direction OR ANY SUGGESTION? Thank you all so much in advance!

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