My goal is to display the contour lines of the relief in Google Earth.

So, I would like to export from OpenStreetMap the contour lines of the relief of a region.
My goal is to download the data as a kml, to load them into Google Map.

I was hoping a query like that to work in OverPass:

out body;

It does not. I could not find a more appropriate tag. According to OSM wiki, it does not exist.

Is there any other way?


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Contour lines in OSM based maps are generated from other source data. It would make no sense to store contour lines into the OSM database because they would require much more space than the rest of the data. Also contour lines are derived from digital elevation model data and not created or edited by OSM contributors.

See the documentation of the map that you are using about the sources. For example OpenCycleMap creates the contour lines from SRTM data https://www.opencyclemap.org/docs/

Credits Height Data is from NASA’s SRTM and is available in the public domain.

If the developers of the map project are kind enough they might be willing to share their contour lines or at least the work flow of creating contours from DEM data.

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