When creating centroids from polygons, ArcMap has an option to placing the centroids inside (within the bounds of) the polygons. I am attempting to create centroids in Python. I have tried:


The problem is that some polygons are shaped crescent-like, or doughnuts as in the shown example so the resulting centroids are outside the polygons. Is there a way of making the centroids fall inside their polygons in Python?

Output from df.geometry.centroids method

Using the function below suggested by @ThomasG77 does produce a good result.


Output from representatitive_points() method

However, is there a way to influence the placement of this point so that it falls as centrally as possible within the bounds of the shape?

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You just need to use the method representative_point that borrows the shapely method (shapely library borrows the method from GEOS library PointOnSurface method e.g https://github.com/Toblerity/Shapely/blob/0ecc21c0aaef478dbfdc55bcf3b6e90a039e4b64/shapely/geos.py#L631)

So reusing your example you should use df['geometry'].representative_point()

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