In processing modeler in Qgis 3.14, how do I get the number of rows in an attribute table?

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    just with the expression count(1). – J. Monticolo Jul 2 at 8:04
  • Wow, thanks for the fast answer! I'm not really sure how to use the expression inside the processing modeler? I don't know much code. I'm running an algorithm to extract rows by attribute and want to check how many rows are extracted. Can i run the expression on the output of that algorithm and, if so, how? Thanks! – bovsorrr Jul 2 at 8:21
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    If you want a more explicit answer, please edit your question and give details about your goal, your actual state, codes, screenshots, all thing that help an other user to understand your problem. – J. Monticolo Jul 2 at 8:43
  • Thank you, I will do that! – bovsorrr Jul 3 at 5:17

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