How to create inset of a polygon?

Not just visually but as a new polygon. For example - I have yellow polygon and need to create green one:

Looking for solution in QGIS.


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    So, you're asking how to create a negative buffer? – Erik Jul 3 at 7:58
  • @Erik Yes. And thanks for improving my terminology. My term "inset" was taken from Inkscape. – Martin Ždila Jul 3 at 8:18
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    That wasn't about improving your terminology, that also was the solution ;-) – Erik Jul 3 at 8:27
  • I am erasing PostGIS and gdal from your question because only qgis-tag was used. Moreover, with PostGIS and gdal tags it can be closed because of too wide scope, i.e. software usage. – Taras Jul 3 at 8:53

Additionally I may suggest using a SAGA's Buffer namely "Fixed Distance Buffer". Look for it in Processing Toolbox.

There you will have a possibility to create an 'Inner Buffer' i.e. a Negative Buffer.



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My problem was with the terminology and the correct word for "inset" is "negative buffer".

Then in QGIS: Vector / Geoprocessing tools / Buffer... and enter negative distance.

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For QGIS, using the virtual layer with the SQLite script in the form window -:

SELECT DISTINCT MakePolygon(InteriorRingN(geometry,1)) geom FROM <table_name>

you'll get the result you need...

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