I am trying to add layer through SQL VIEW GeoServer.

Everything is fine just, GeoServer is not able to take some chars correctly.

When name parameter includes dash "-" character, the WMS not able to show layer on map.

Query: select * from public."MyLayer" where name like '%%name%'

In PostgreSQL, the query is working, but in SQL, view it does not show.

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To prevent SQL injection attacks there is a validation regular expression that is used to check if a parameter is acceptable. By default this is ^[\w\d\s]+$ which means that only "word characters ([a-zA-Z_0-9])", digits and white space are allowed. So if your name contains a - it is rejected.

You need to add - into the validation check (this is a little tricky because - is a special character) so change it to something like ^[-\w\d\s]+$

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