I'm trying to dissolve a shapefile by one attribute field "HYBAS_ID" and I need the other fields to be summarized simultaneously. I've worked a lot with ArcGis and the dissolve tool there had the possibility to do so, but I need the model to be in QGIS. The QGIS dissolve tool does not have the option at all and the gdal dissolve tool does'nt let me choose if I want to summarize, it just has the options to do all the operations at once and only for one field (at least as im aware, maybe the additional creation options can do this, but I dont know how).

GDAL dissolve tool

I'm aware of the "dissolve with stats" plugin, but I have to add the operation as a tool into a model. As said, I have to dissolve the field "HYBAS_ID" and need to summarzie the fields "AgriET", "NabesET", "WR_t", "DWD", "Wliv" and "Wind".

attribute table

Is there a possibility to include this into a model? Unfortunately I'm not frequent in any coding, so if it's the only possibility, i'd be grateful if you could explain it a little bit.

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