I am trying to link an external SLD file to my WMS service in ArcGIS Server but it is being ignored.

I have one layer in my MXD called 'Rivers', I then published the layer as WMS service in the ArcGIS Server via ArcMap.

I have checked 'WMS' in the capability tab. In ArcGIS Sever Manager, I navigate to my Service--> Capabilities --> WMS --> SLD Path or URL. I have entered my SLD file path, then restart the service. But, change is not reflecting in the service, it is still using ArcMap style.

I have gone through this link, but no success.

My service name is "RiverService". I am using version Arc V. 10.8. Here is my SLD file:

<sld:StyledLayerDescriptor xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/ogc" xmlns:sld="http://www.opengis.net/sld"
    xmlns:ogc="http://www.opengis.net/ogc" xmlns:gml="http://www.opengis.net/gml"
    xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" version="1.0.0"
    xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.opengis.net/sld http://schemas.opengis.net/sld/1.0.0/StyledLayerDescriptor.xsd">
                            <sld:CssParameter name="stroke">#FF00FF</sld:CssParameter>
                            <sld:CssParameter name="stroke-opacity">1</sld:CssParameter>
                            <sld:CssParameter name="stroke-width">2</sld:CssParameter>
  • In doing the code formatting for easier readability I see there is an error in the line <sld:UserStyle>Rivers<sld:Name>Rivers</sld:Name> the rivers text immediately after <sld:UserStyle> is incorrect. Not sure if this is a typo when you posted the question, or the actual issue – nmtoken Jul 7 '20 at 13:43
  • Its a typo error while posting the question. – Neha Sharma Jul 7 '20 at 15:36
  • Can you give an example of the GetMap request you use to apply the external SLD – nmtoken Jul 8 '20 at 12:18

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