Working from a basic example generated by Oracle MapBuilder. I have a base map and a FOI layer.

At the start no filter is applied and the map shows all object types (column OBJECTTYPE) available in the FOI layer.

 function addThemeBasedFOI()
    layers["themebasedfoi1"] = layer1; 

A checkbox, initially unchecked, calls this function:

  function setFilter(item)
    if (item.checked) {
      layer1.applyFilter(new OM.filter.In('OBJECTTYPE',["WGD","PND","OTD","BTD"]),true);
    layer1.applyFilter(new OM.filter.In('OBJECTTYPE',["WGD","PND","OTD"]),true);


First click on the checkbox checks it and all objecttypes are removed from the layer except the four specified ["WGD","PND","OTD","BTD"].

Second click on the checkbox unchecks it and the layer now show only the three object types. ["WGD","PND","OTD"]

With the checkbox checked again I expect the objecttype "BTD" to return but this doesn't happen.

How should this be done?


Apparently the filter is more like a delete statement in SQL than a where clause. I got it to work by creating a copy of the original layer and displaying the copy.

if (layerFilter) 

{ map.removeLayer(layerFilter); }


layerFilter = layer1.applyFilter(new OM.filter.In('OBJECTTYPE',filterArray),false);



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