I display a raster in ArcMap with classified symbology. ArcMap calculates a minimum of 274,9 for this raster. However, this raster has at least one pixel with value less than 274,9 as the information panel of Identify shows. How can I enforce ArcMap to use the entire value range?

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ArcGIS computes statistics from samples in the symbology process. You need to help ArcGIS to compute as sometimes NoData-values are the problem. Do the following in ArcCatalog:

  • Right-click the raster > choose Raster Dataset Properties
  • In panel General:
    1. Raster Information \ NoData Value: provide a NoData-value if it exists for the raster
    2. Statistics:
      • Choose Options > Calculate Statistics...
      • Enter NoData-value into the field Ignore Values (optional) and add this value with the +-sign to the list below this field
  • Close all windows with OK

This handling should help ArcGIS to consequently exclude NoData-values from statistics-calculation and, by this, to find the correct minimum and maximum values.

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