I have a number of markers on a leaflet map with a sidebar that is supposed to update with whatever markers are within the current map bounds.

This is adapted from Bryan McBride's Bootleaf template https://github.com/bmcbride/bootleaf

syncSidebar() is the function that is supposed to loop through the current layer and add to the sidebar all the applicable points.

However, my code only returns a small subset of the markers that should be included, namely the ones in the far northwest corner. It seems like contains(coord) is only returning true for a fraction of the markers that should exist within map.getBounds().

Thank you so much for any insight.

function syncSidebar() {
    /* Empty sidebar features */
    $("#feature-list tbody").empty();
    /* Loop through kazakhstan_polygon layer and add only features which are in the map bounds */

    kazakhstan_points_only.eachLayer(function(layer) {
        if (map.hasLayer(kazakhstan_polygon)) {
            var coord = layer.feature.geometry.coordinates;
            if (map.getBounds().contains(coord)) {
                $("#feature-list tbody").append('<tr class="feature-row" id="' + L.stamp(layer) + '" lat="' + layer.feature.geometry.coordinates[1] + '" lng="' + layer.feature.geometry.coordinates[0] + '"><td style="vertical-align: middle;"><img width="16" height="18" src="assets/img/eil-school.png"></td><td class="feature-name">' + layer.feature.properties.NAME + '</td><td style="vertical-align: middle;"><i class="fa fa-chevron-right pull-right"></i></td></tr>');

    /* Update list.js featureList */
    featureList = new List("features", {
        valueNames: ["feature-name"]
    featureList.sort("feature-name", {
        order: "asc"
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  • Without actual data (contents of kazakhstan_points layer) it's impossible to say why behavior is not as expected. One thing is sure: condition if (map.hasLayer(kazakhstan_polygon)) should be outside kazakhstan_points_only.eachLayer loop, since kazakhstan_polygon does not change inside loop. – TomazicM Jul 8 at 12:10

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