For example, QGIS 3.4 has various custom widgets such as QgsFieldValuesLineEdit and QgsColorWheel (and later versions have even more widgets) but they are not listed in the QGIS custom widgets list of the Qt Designer even when I run the "Qt Designer with QGIS 3.4 custom widgets". However, those widgets shown in the answer by @Joseph for the question by @Basile, No custom widgets in Qt Designer for QGIS 3, are available:

enter image description here

Is it somehow possible to add QGIS custom widgets that are, at least by default, missing from the custom widgets list of the Qt Designer to the list? If not, can they somehow, still be used in the Qt Designer (maybe through Qt Designer promoting widgets functionality for custom widgets)?

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The available QGIS Custom Widgets in Qt Designer are defined in QGIS libqgis_customwidgets.

It is easy to find out the library in use.

Go to Qt Designer → Help → About Plugins. You will see the QGIS library in use.

libqgis_customwidgets library in use

If you see different widgets in your Qt Designer, maybe you are using a different libqgis_customwidgets library. You could be using some dangling library from a previous installation.

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