I have some .lyr files and I need to be able to open them in QGIS. I don't have access to ArcGIS so I need to convert those files to another format compatible with QGIS (.qlr, .xml, .sld, .style,...) either using QGIS or another tool (preferably an open source one) .

  • there is a commerical tool for this: north-road.com/slyr but the price is too hight for an occassional user, but maybe you can ask the developer, if he can offer conversion of your files for a special fee – Kurt Jul 9 at 11:04

Meanwhile there is a free Community-Version of the commercial SLYR- Plugin for QGIS available, which you can download directly in QGIS. You should definitly give it a try

update: the new qlyrx lets you apply esri ArcGISPro .lyrx symbology files to your qgis-vectorlayers. As I dont use any esri-files, I did not test this myself, but you shuld give the new plugin a try

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  • This free Community-Version version seem to "only" convert from ESRI .style databases to corresponding QGIS symbology, so it won't work for .lyr – J.R Jul 31 at 10:14
  • please see my updated answer – Kurt Oct 5 at 16:23

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