I have a raster file that is related to a river bed in a curvy river section. Inside this raster file are gaps with no data (e.g. small islands, measurement gaps, etc...). I want to fill those gaps inside the raster. However, I couldn' figure a way or find a function that fills nodata gaps without extending the outer border (see image). I tried interpolating the dataset but this returns interpolated values extending the original border.

Is there a function that I oversaw and anyone here experienced a similar issue with raster data to be filled/interpolated? Thanks in advanceImage: original dataset in black with the interpolated output layed over it in transparent gray

  • 1. Are you certain these are truly NoData cells? Make sure your raster symbology is using the computed min/max, rather than an approximate or clipped value. 2. If the areas you need to fix are minor, you might consider just fixing those raster values manually. See this question for a variety of methods. – JoshC Jul 10 '20 at 13:09

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