I have encountered a weird problem. Since I did the map digitizing in QGIS and next exported it to .kml format using MMQGIS plugin I am losing a few shapes in Google MyMaps.

Straight after file export, I opened it on

enter image description here

Google Earth where everything is fine. Unfortunately, when I exported the same file to Google MyMaps, a few polygons are missing. They have been turned into the polylines only. I want them to be displayed as polygons with proper color fill, set previously yet in QGIS. I know, that MMQGIS sometimes doesn't return all colors properly, but this time everything seems to be alright with the plugin, as the .kml file is fully valid in Google Earth. I have 2 questions then:

  1. What should I do to avoid a situation like this? Have I done some mistakes during digitizing?
  2. How can I turn the enclosed polyline into the polygon in Google MyMaps?

enter image description here

Next, when I export the map from Google MyMaps into .kml format and open it in Google Earth, I am getting the same result with lost polygons. I think, that Google MyMaps must have some bug then.

enter image description here

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One reasonable way to fix it is via code. We must open our .kml file in i.e. Notepad ++, where next we should:

  1. Find our broken polygon (Ctrl+F) enter image description here
  2. If you find your broken polygon, you can compare it with the previous or the next one. At first glance, you will spot, that the code is wrong. Firstly, the <styleUrl> must be changed from #line-000000-3000



because we need the polygon instead of line.

  1. We must also include the feature into our code, because it doesn't appear in our broken polygon: We have: ... 1

We should have:


and next, close it at the end enter image description here

  1. Save the file and re-open in Gooogle Earth. It should be fine

enter image description here

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