I am reading the example in Google Earth Engine was many using the Image Collection but I can't find a single scene reading the image so I am trying to calculate for single scene using Landsat 8 OLI for 09 January 2019 but have a problem reading the scene then calculate NDVI from single scene, this is the script :

var tuban = ee.FeatureCollection("users/iqbal/Tuban");

var image = ee.Image('LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1/LC08_L1TP_119065_20190109_20190130_01_T1')
// Get information about the bands as a list.
var bandNames = image.bandNames();
print('Band names: ', bandNames); // ee.List of band names

// Get projection information from band 1.
var b1proj = image.select('B1').projection();
print('Band 1 projection: ', b1proj); // ee.Projection object

// Get scale (in meters) information from band 1.
//var b1scale = image.select('B1').projection().nominalScale();
//print('Band 1 scale: ', b1scale); // ee.Number

// create function to add NDVI using NIR (B5) and the red band (B4)
var getNDVI = function(img){
  return img.addBands(img.normalizedDifference(['B5','B4']).rename('NDVI'));

// map over image collection
var l8ndvi = image.map(getNDVI);

var composite = l8ndvi.qualityMosaic('NDVI').clip(tuban);

// Visualize NDVI
var ndviPalette = ['FFFFFF', 'CE7E45', 'DF923D', 'F1B555', 'FCD163', '99B718',
               '74A901', '66A000', '529400', '3E8601', '207401', '056201',
               '004C00', '023B01', '012E01', '011D01', '011301'];
            {min:0, max: 1, palette: ndviPalette}, 'ndvi');

There is some error for accessing the single scene like this:

Band names: 
List (Error)
Image.load: Image asset 'LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1/LC08_L1TP_119065_20190109_20190130_01_T1' not found.
Band 1 projection: 
Projection (Error)
Image.load: Image asset 'LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1/LC08_L1TP_119065_20190109_20190130_01_T1' not found.
image.map is not a function
Any suggestions as a solution for this?

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The naming convention you've used is mixture of google earth engine and Landsat documentation.

Landsat uses the following naming convention


read about it here

while in google earth engine you do not specify the Processing year, month, day or collection number. The convention in GEE is


another error: image.map is not a function is because mapping is done over image collection not a single image

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