I would like to use ACOLITE atmospheric correction with python, however, I cannot install pyhdf.

The RuntimeError is following:

RuntimeError: Cannot find required HDF4 DLLs -- check LIBRARY_DIRS

I was googling, however I didn't find any specific answer for the error.

What should I do?

I am a Windows user. However, I can use in an emergency the WSL Debian.


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With help of @Mikkel Lydholm Rasmussen, I've found the answer.

The main issue is in installing pyhdf with help of pip, but it should be successful with:

the conda install -c conda-forge pyhdf

Don't worry to install Anaconda beside the solo python installation and use Anaconda Prompt for the manipulation. I also recommend installing other packages in the new environment:

conda create -n my_env pyhdf ipykernel

Generally, other packages (GDAL) for ACOLITE will be incompatible with Anaconda standard distribution.

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