I have lat longs and want R to return a column of the neighborhood tabulation area for each point;

lat long NTA 40.79127 -73.96484 Morningside Heights 40.72622 -73.98380 East Village 40.79196 -73.96809 Upper West Side

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You are looking for an spatial join, after converting your lat-longs to a spatial object. This is done easily with package sf, replace the filenames with yours on the following code:

lat_longs = read.csv(latlongs.csv) %>% 
     st_as_sf(coords = c("longitude_column", "latitude_column")) %>% 
     st_set_crs(4326) # coordinate reference system is lat-long
NTA = read_sf("nta_polygons.shp")

lat_longs_NTA = lat_longs %>% st_join(NTA)

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