I'm trying to calculate a field (Field calculator 2) in the model builder with an get_feature expression which should look something like this attributes(get_feature('LandUse_TD_HYBAS_dissolved_calc', 'NEXT_DOWN', "HYBAS_ID"))['Calc'] . The problem is that I don't know how to specify the layer. Normally I just enter the layer name 'LandUse_TD_HYBAS_dissolved_calc' which worked as I did it outside of the model builder, but seemingly isn't working in the model builder because the layer I want to use is calculated by another field calculation one step ahead (Field calculator 1).


I have also tried to enter '@Field_calculator_1_OUTPUT' to specify the layer which did not work either(Picture 2).


What am I supposed to enter for the layer specification? Or is there another way to do it in the model builder?

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I've found the answer:

You have to use the @layer variable to access the previous layer. So the expression looks like this attributes(get_feature(@layer, 'NEXT_DOWN', "HYBAS_ID"))['Calc'].

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