Please help a noob to find a way (any way) to work with multiple (hundreds) images that I want to (upload and) process with earth engine. Here are the options I see:

  1. Use interactive asset management tool to create an image collection. This involves hours of mouse clicking and dragging the files from a folder to a collection - not acceptable.
  2. Cut and paste the list of files into a colab/python script to upload to GEE using earthengine command tool, then drag and drop them into a collection (as far as I can tell earthengine does not allow uploading files into a collection directly) - also unacceptable.
  3. Use geebam. Looks like a great option, unfortunately, after days of trying, could not get it to work. I can delete assets with the tool, but when trying to upload, I am getting all sorts of errors. I think these are related to google cloud authentication but not sure.
  4. I tried using ee.data.listAssets (and similar) to get a list of assets (images) that I uploaded to GEE using earthengine to build a collection. I am getting nowhere since the process involves calling getInfo() and it, apparently, cannot me mapped over a list.

This seems to me like a very basic problem and yet I cannot find any solutions (after days of searching). What am I missing? Is this by design, to make people pay? Well, I am ready to pay, but I do not see any options. This is ridiculous...

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From https://developers.google.com/earth-engine/image_upload:

Give the image an appropriate asset ID (which doesn't already exist) in your user folder. If you'd like to upload the image into an existing folder or collection, prefix the asset ID with the folder or collection ID, for example /users/name/folder-or-collection-id/new-asset.

This will work with any method of uploading assets, not just the dialog.

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