I've written below code for crs_transform extraction from sentinel2 images but it returns null value. How can I solve this problem?

var B5 = ee.ImageCollection("COPERNICUS/S2")


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To retrieve crs_transform i recommend working with a single image from the collection, extracting the projection information and retrieving the crsTransform from the projection obeject, like so

var crs_transform = B5.first().projection().transform()

optionally and may necessarily you'll need to extract the transform as a definite value and not an object. this is(or maybe was) the case when exporting Images or reducing images by Region(s). In this case, the following will help:

var crs_transform = B5.first().projection().getInfo().transform

the .getInfo() forces the Earthengine to determine an object to a value in your Console. Fixes many issues with dynamic coding in the Earth Engine.

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