In QGIS 3.14 / QfieldSync there is now the functionality to configure photo naming. Yay!

I use a 1:n set-up for photos, i.e. I capture photos in the child table ('photo') of a one-to-many relationship. I would like to name my photos based on attributes ('type' and 'num') in the parent layer ('tree').

So far, my attempt at the expression is as follows:


This isn't working.

Any ideas?


okay, with much playing around, this is now working:

when "fkid" is null then 
    format_date(Now(), 'yyyyMMdd_hhmmss')||
    format_date(Now(), 'yyyyMMdd_hhmmss')||


  • "fkid" is the foreign key in the photos layer.
  • 'tree_pt' is the parent layer
  • 'uuid' is the primary key in 'tree_pt'
  • note the use of single and double quotes.

In my set-up, anyone of three parent layers may store image paths in 'photos'. So I wrap this up in coalesce() to check each layer for a match. Much like Highlander, there can be only one: I am using uuid.

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