I want to fill the missing space and create a polygon out of it. How do you do that with QGIS?

The missing space is the white part between the selected/yellow polygons.

Here is a snapshot:

enter image description here

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    (1) Dissolve all > (2) Delete holes > Difference (2) - (1). P.s. Beforehand check the geometry quality with "Fix geometries", "Remove null geometries" and "Delete duplicate geometries".
    – Taras
    Commented Jul 19, 2020 at 15:50

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In QGIS you can achieve this just activating the Avoid Overlap option inside the Snapping Options.

Activate the Snapping and open the Snapping Options:

enter image description here

Here, select the option Advanced Configuration and click, to activate, the options Topological Editing.

Activate (check it) the layer(s) that delimitated the empty space and, finally, check the option Avoid Overlap in the layer(s).

enter image description here

Now you can just draw a new polygon with its nodes inside the surrounding polygons and the system it will avoid automatically any overlap creating a new geometry that covers only the empty space.


Since the Version 3.14 QGIS has a new Snapping toolbar and the Overlapping option has a dedicate icon:

enter image description here


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