I'm very new to open street map so apologies if this is a daft question!

I'm trying to find all fast food locations in an area. When I pull the data using osmdata in R there are a lot of rows with no information at all. How are these classed as fast food locations?

Here's a reproducible example:


t = opq('Adur') %>%
  add_osm_feature(key = 'amenity', value = 'fast_food') %>%

The locations with OSM IDs 2439442254, 2439828308, and 2439828379 all have no information. Why are they classed as fast food amenities?



I have no experience with R, however the mentioned IDs are nodes belonging to ways which in turn are tagged as fast food:

So I presume you are just looking at the wrong information in R.

Note that OSM has three basic elements: nodes, ways and relations. Each of these elements can represent an individual fast food object, depending on how this information is stored in OSM.

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