How do i select a feature (point) based on a specific attribute value(s) of another layer?


One layer (map) polygons representing disease risk across a continent, with several columns representing different attributes (risk scale 1-4 etc.) and another layer with point features representing individual movement over time.

I would like to select point features which are overlayed on polygons with a risk scale above 2.5.

  • Select By Location * 2 --explain further
    – JerryEnoe
    Jul 21, 2020 at 18:53

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As @BERA suggests in the comments, you want to do a two part selection using Select by Attribute and Select by Location. First, use Select by Attribute to select the polygons with a risk scale above 2.5 Then second, use Select by Location to select the points that are within these polygons ("intersect the source layer feature" will be a fine spatial selection for your needs). Your target layer will be the points, and your source layer will be the polygons. Make sure to check the "use selected features" box.

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