I have a collection of regionally specific linestrings and multi-line strings which are off-road paths. I would like to be able to integrate these into a Leaflet routing systems which would exclusively use these paths and no other existing roads/trails. From the research so far, it looks like I could use perliedman leaflet-routing-engine to hook into ORSM or Valhalla, but then I would need to feed the custom off-road paths into these systems. I would like to keep these paths private for at least a period of time.

Is building these out in OSM as private the best option for feeding the routing system?

Is there a better way to just feed these paths into ORSM or Valhalla directly?

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If you have PostGIS/pgRouting already installed, you could use something like lrm-pgrouting. It does not seem very active right now, but I used it pretty successfully a few years ago, to do something very similar to what you want.

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