I have a date-time field in a feature class which I want to query. The field has values like "2011-01-01 00:00:29".

I want to query the data between the time 00:06:00 and 00:12:00. The date does not matter an shall be ignored.

Any ideas how to do this?

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I have had a little play around with your problem and have come up with a solution of sorts. Working with dates and times is always a pain and doubly so in ArcGIS as it has really limited support for these data types. I would love to see some other solutions to this problem as I am probably making this more complex than it needs to be.

In SQL you could just select this data (assuming it is correctly formatted in the DateTime format) using a BETWEEN statement:


But in ArcGIS this is not possible (I think because of the *.dbf format at the heart of shapefiles) as the only way to store the dates and times you have are as strings.

However we can use field calculator and a Python command to separate the date from the time and then remove the colons from between the hours minutes and seconds and finally cast it to an integer.

int(''.join(!date_time!.split(' ')[1].split(':'))) 

(!date_time! is the name of the field containing the date/time strings)

This means that a value of 00:06:00 will be represented in a new field as 600 and a value of 00:12:00 will be stored as 1200.

From these integers we can perform a selection using a modification of the above SQL query to find the correct points:

"time_int" > 600 AND "time_int"< 1200

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