I have a dataset in old ArcInfo E00 Interchange format. In the past I could extract the data from this by using the "Import From Interchange File" tool in the Coverage toolbox, however this toolbox doesn't appear to be present in ArcGIS 10.8.

I searched around for more info and found the ArcGIS Coverage toolbox licensing page that said I needed ArcInfo Workstation installed to use these old tools. Unfortunately I don't have access to ArcInfo Workstation anymore.

Import From Interchange File - Requires ArcInfo Workstation installed

How does one go about extracting from E00 in more recent versions of ArcMap that don't have ArcInfo Workstation?


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ArcGIS Desktop (but not ArcGIS Pro) has a script tool included, called "Import from E00" - it can be found in the Conversion Tools > To Coverage toolset.

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Just select the E00 file and give an output location and filename, and the tool will output a coverage.

Once the coverage has been produced, you can then use the Import Feature Class to Geodatabase (etc.) tool to convert the coverage into a geodatabase feature class. This can then be used (edited, etc.) in both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

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