I'm working on a function with many parameters, and would like to be able to name them explicitly when calling the function.

I would usually call a function like this:

function get_sum(value_1, value2) {
var Sum = ee.Number(value_1).add(ee.Number(value2)); 
// Working
get_sum(75, 82);

Naming the parameters when calling the function leads to an error:

//Produces error
get_sum({value_1: 75, value2: 82});

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How do I do this? Is it something to do with served vs. client side? Link to code


This happens to be a matter of pure JavaScript; when you write a function and call it yourself, the Earth Engine API is not involved at all.

Here is how to write your function to accept {} named arguments:

function get_sum(args) {
    var value_1 = args.value_1;
    var value_2 = args.value_2;
    var Sum = ee.Number(value_1).add(ee.Number(value2)); 

(args is just a regular function parameter variable, not a special keyword, and you can call it whatever you like. args is a common name for this sort of thing.)

If you want to accept either named or un-named (positional) arguments, like the EE API functions do, it's significantly more messy and I'd recommend not bothering, but if you like, I can explain that too.

Note that if you misspell a name, the variables in the function will have the value undefined. If you want to help yourself out at the cost of writing more code, you can check for that:

function get_sum(named_args) {
    var value_1 = named_args.value_1;
    var value_2 = named_args.value_2;
    if (value_1 === undefined) throw new Error('get_sum: value_1 is missing');
    if (value_2 === undefined) throw new Error('get_sum: value_2 is missing');

    var Sum = ee.Number(value_1).add(ee.Number(value2)); 

Side note: Current JavaScript versions support a shortcut that makes this much more convenient:

function get_sum({value_1, value_2}) {
    var Sum = ee.Number(value_1).add(ee.Number(value2)); 

Unfortunately, the Earth Engine Code Editor does not currently permit running scripts that use newer JavaScript features. I mention this only because you may see references to this feature when reading about JavaScript.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer this so extensively, very helpful stuff! – Joris Jul 23 '20 at 15:57
  • I have wondering how earth engine functions "accept either named or un-named (positional) arguments". It would be good if you can explain that. I just come across this answer and I am suddenly more curious. I can ask a new question if needed. – Liman Mar 11 at 22:27
  • 1
    @Liman Each function checks if whether it has received a single object argument or more than one argument. You can examine the implementation here in arguments.js which has some informative comments about the conditions under which this is possible. – Kevin Reid Mar 11 at 22:52

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