I want to add X Y columns to my point data shapefile. There are various ways to add them as explained here https://www.northrivergeographic.com/qgis-adding-x-y-coordinate.

But none of these methods add a column that dynamically updates X Y values when a point location is changed. What I want to know is that is there any way to have geometric columns in QGIS ( X, Y, Length, Area) update dynamically?

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    If you're fine with a virtual field (that is, a field that won't be stored in your data source, but in your project), then @JGH's answer will work. If you need a permanent field for that, then this answer solves your question: gis.stackexchange.com/a/334345/4972 Jul 24 '20 at 19:09

You can create a virtual field, i.e. one that is always re-computed.

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