Recently I updated folium and noticed some changes to the popup box. With the new update the popup box seem to have shrinked and the text is coming in separate lines, which should have appear in the same line as before. There was no changes been made with the code. How can I change the popup box look like the previous one, i.e., appear in the box without breaking the text?

Previuos outlook

Current outlook

Code for the Marker Popup:

fgc.add_child(folium.Marker(location=[lt, ln], popup= "<h4> <b>Thana :&nbsp" + di +"</h4></b>"+ "<br><b>Cases Total: &nbsp: </b>"+str(ca)+ " person "+ "<br>" + "<b>Cases 24 hours : </b>"+ str(da)+ " person "+"<br>"+"<b>Cases 7 days: </b>"+str(we)+ " person "+"<br><b>Neighbouhood affected :  </b>"+str(ne),
  • Go to browser debugger, in Elements tab inspect popup element, under Styles on the right check which CSS style is responsible for popup width and then change it in the style section of your page. – TomazicM Jul 29 '20 at 6:16

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