I have a point FC in a file geodatabase.

I want to create a feature layer on the FC that has columns that show the X & Y coordinates of the geometry.

The values in the query would be dynamic; they would change if the underlying data in the FC was edited.

The result would be similar to what can be done with a query layer on an enterprise/st_geometry geodatabase table—but for a file geodatabase:

    sde.st_x(p.shape) as x, 
    sde.st_y(p.shape) as y
    points p

Yes, I'm aware that we can't use SQL to access the geometry of a FGDB FC. I'm just using this as an example to demonstrate the functionality that I'm looking for.

Is it possible to do this for FGDB FCs in ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 or ArcGIS Pro (any version)?


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Attribute rules were added in FGDBs in the last couple of versions (perhaps at 2.4).

Assuming you're on the right version you should be able to create an attribute rule that fires on every insert/edit to update your fields.


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