I have a vector layer that I created through classifying an image, isolating a specific class (raster calculator), polygonize, and then created a buffer. I am trying to merge/dissolve/union the polygons that are either touching or overlapping. I've tried dissolving and technically it works, but I am only left with one polygon and I need each one for a total count.

Any Suggestions?

Input enter image description here

Input Attribute Table enter image description here

Desired Output enter image description here

Output Attribute Table. Need each polygon shown and not merged as one. So it should look like image 2, but will less features. enter image description here

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You have a multi-part polygon. You want to split it into individual polygons. You can do this with Multipart to Single Parts in the Vector toolset. See this answer for more details.

  • Excellent! Thank you. Learn something new every day!
    – Binx
    Aug 4, 2020 at 23:12

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