I am following the method as shown in the Python notebook here to download Planet satellite data from their API.

But, I am getting an error after I run the following piece of code:

import os
import json
import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

# API Key stored as an env variable
PLANET_API_KEY = os.getenv('PL_API_KEY')

item_type = "PSScene4Band"

# API request object
search_request = {
  "interval": "day",
  "item_types": [item_type], 
  "filter": combined_filter

# fire off the POST request
search_result = \
    auth=HTTPBasicAuth(PLANET_API_KEY, ''),

print(json.dumps(search_result.json(), indent=1))


 "message": "Please enter your API key.",
 "errors": []

I checked for the API key by doing echo $PL_API_KEY and it produced the correct API key.

How can I figure this out so that I can download data from Planet API?

  • I'm not a Planet user, but perhaps you need to include the API key as a URL parameter; it's not really basic auth (which should be user/password). A quick scan of the documentation suggests you should be using an Authorization header, with a value like api-key {your-api-key} May 31 at 3:02

Did you verified your API-key is valid and active? It could be done either with Planet Explorer
or in your Planet account.

The API documentation or this example of a Jupyter notebook with Python should help you.

  • Yes. I verified the KEY by echo $PL_API_KEY.
    – user168115
    Aug 5 '20 at 14:23

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