I'm trying to link 2 tables together using relationship classes (pre-defined within this datamodel). I've uploaded a picture which might be clearer, but here is the process I'm trying:

  1. Table named Site, with a field EventID.

  2. Table named Anode, with a field SiteEventID.

  3. EventID and SiteEventID are the same (same values).

  4. 1-M relationship class (simple) / Origin name = Site, Primary key = EventID, Foreign = SiteEventID / Destination name = Anode / Labels forward = Anode, Backward = Site. Relationship name = SiteAnode

  5. When I open either Site or Anode using SiteAnode, the table that opens is completely empty.

  6. The table remains empty until I remove it from ArcMap, and reload it from the gdb.

Has anyone experienced this, or am I missing something?

Something else to mention - if I create a feature from Anode, and perform a Join with the same key it works fine.

enter image description here

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