Right now I have a leaflet map, with GEOJSON layers rendered on top of them, behind that I render {z}/{x}/{y} tiles that only displays names of countries, cities, and so on.

The thing is, that everything that falls outside Belgium, i don't really want to see on the map. I searched a lot but can't find one with only names

enter image description here

That why I wondering if there are any free name layers from ONLY belgium on the internet?

If not, is it hard to make one?

  • Are name tiles raster or vector tiles? – TomazicM Aug 7 at 10:13
  • The ones i'm using are vector – Yorbjörn Aug 7 at 10:40
  • Then it's usually possible to filter the layer to show only desired features. Can you please edit your question and add relevant existing code. – TomazicM Aug 7 at 11:58

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