I just need to delete the last item in a featuregroup.

This code gives me that I have TWO objects in in the featureGroup featRouteL:

console.log("so many objects: "+featRouteL.getLayers().length);

Now, I just want to delete the LAST item. But how do I do that? I have tried so far but get error no matter what direction I go. I think I should get the id of the last layer item and then delete this layer id. Unfortunatly I get errors no matter what I do...

            var xlayers = featRouteL.getLayers();
            var xlength = xlayers.length;
            console.log("no of layers: "+xlength); //this gives me the correct no
            xlayers.forEach(function(layer) {
                //xlayers.removeLayer(layer); // -> xlayers.removeLayer is not a function
                //console.log(layer.get("name")); // -> layer.get is not a function
                //console.log(layer.getLayerId()); // -> Cannot read property '_leaflet_id' of undefined
            console.log("layers: "+xlength);
            //for (var i = 0; i < xlength; i++) {
                //l = xlayers.item(i); //-> xlayers.item is not a function
  • To understand what your problem is and then suggest the solution, more of your code would be helpful. Please edit your question and add relevant code. – TomazicM Aug 9 at 9:02
  • Ok, I'll do and edit the post – Suseday Aug 9 at 10:16

If just want to remove the last layer in the array of layers you get with featRouteL.getLayers() call, that's easy:

var layers = featRouteL.getLayers();
layers[layers.length - 1].remove();

Question here is if this is really the layer you want to remove.

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  • Wow, so easy and it works! Wonderfull! Yes, it is really the layer I want to remove because the function that calls it removes the last route that was pinned to the map. Thanks! – Suseday Aug 9 at 11:20

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