I am trying to work using GRASS GIS for my data remotely from Mac. Here is what I have done:

  1. XQuartz was installed and run;
  2. Terminal was run. I typed: ssh -Y root@IPaddress
  3. Then I typed: grass64 (to be able to use grass commands in terminal)
  4. Afterwards got a question about directory to chose and the information:
WARNING: It appears that the X Windows system is not active.
A graphical based user interface is not supported.
Switching to text based interface mode.

I am struggling with enabling window to display rasters that I have. I tried to type -X despite -Y, as well running GRASS before, but nothing works.. My GRASS version is 7.8.

Any ideas?

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Problem solved. Tip for today: Always restart your computer before asking for help.

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