I'm trying to transform client-side functions to server function in GEE. However, I cannot obtain the desired result for the function named "add to list". The problem is that I want to add new elements from a list to another list one by one. But the result that I'm obtaining is the first list and then the other one.


// Add fixed vallues to a list CLIENT SIDE
var addToList_ClientSide = function(list, season){
  var ini_season = season[0]
  var end_season = season[1]
  var years_seq = [];
  for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i++){
    var el = [list[i], ini_season, end_season]
  return years_seq

// Add fixed vallues to a list SERVER SIDE
var addToList_ServerSide = function(list, season){
  var ini_season = season.get(0)
  var end_season = season.get(1)
  var years_seq = ee.List.sequence(list.get(0), list.get(-1))
  var el = ee.List([ini_season, end_season])
  return years_seq.add(el)

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The direct correspondence to your for loop is a map over a number sequence:

var addToList_ServerSide = function(list, season){
  var ini_season = season.get(0);
  var end_season = season.get(1);
  var years_seq = ee.List.sequence(0, list.length().subtract(1))
    .map(function (i) {
      return ee.List([list.get(i), ini_season, end_season]);
  return years_seq;

print(addToList_ClientSide(['a', 'b', 'c'], ['d', 'e']));
print(addToList_ServerSide(ee.List(['a', 'b', 'c']), ee.List(['d', 'e'])));
// Both of the above print [["a","d","e"],["b","d","e"],["c","d","e"]]


I don't know if this necessarily does what you want, but it will do the same list manipulation as your addToList_ClientSide.


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