Is there a Vector change detection tool for qgis that works similar to http://docs.safe.com/fme/html/FME_Desktop_Documentation/FME_Transformers/Transformers/changedetector.htm

It's OK if there's two tools -one spatial and one attributional. Before I go down the line of trying to create one? I have searched online and in the plugins but can't find anything.

  • Spatial change - has the boundary changed at all, example a parcel split or merged, a new area added etc enter image description here. I am mostly interested in polygon changes. Points and lines are easier to handle with existing spatial tools.

  • Attribute change - ability to select the attributes to review and then see if there are changes for a given unique key between the 2 datasets. The output should be a table which has the old and new values next to each other (FME doesn't do this -it just has a port for all changes)

So enter image description here

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QGIS 3.14 and above have an inbuilt "Detect Dataset Changes" algorithm in the toolbox which is designed as a drop-in replacement of the FME algorithm.


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