final WKTReader wktReader = new WKTReader();
String geomString = "MULTILINESTRING ((-98.753985 34.63093, -98.7555568 34.63093))";
MultiLineString geom = (MultiLineString)wktReader.read(geomString);
LineString newGeom = new GeometryFactory().createLineString(geom.getCoordinates());
Polygon envelope = (Polygon) newGeom.getEnvelope();

Such code results with ClassCastException(). However, when I'm changing y value of any of coordinates, e.g. first one to 34.63094, I don't get any error.
I am using org.locationtech.jts-1.17.

What would I like to achieve is to cast it to Polygon without this Exception. Or, the exception is actually valid and I shouldn't be able to cast any two-coordinate LineString to Polygon?

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    Three distinct vertex locations are required to construct a Polygon (which will have four vertices). WKT for a POLYGON requires all four vertices (first and last the same). – Vince Aug 17 '20 at 13:01

Because your MultiLineString is a vertical line JTS gives you back a line when you ask for the envelope (it thinks this is helpful). So you need to ask for the internalEnvelope which will give you an Envelope (an xmin/xmax, ymin/ymax). You can then convert this into a Polygon using the org.geotools.geometry.jts.JTS Utility class.

final WKTReader wktReader = new WKTReader();
String geomString = "MULTILINESTRING ((-98.753985 34.63093, -98.7555568 34.63093))";
MultiLineString geom = (MultiLineString) wktReader.read(geomString);
LineString newGeom = new GeometryFactory().createLineString(geom.getCoordinates());
Geometry envelope = newGeom.getEnvelope();
Envelope env = newGeom.getEnvelopeInternal();
Polygon polygon = JTS.toGeometry(env);

Which produces:

LINESTRING (-98.7555568 34.63093, -98.753985 34.63093)
Env[-98.7555568 : -98.753985, 34.63093 : 34.63093]
POLYGON ((-98.7555568 34.63093, -98.753985 34.63093, -98.753985 34.63093, -98.7555568 34.63093, -98.7555568 34.63093))

Note: the polygon will still look like a line as it has no width, but I guess that is what you want.

  • I've justed looked up this getEnvelope function and now I understand why last expression works for a line which is not vertical. It outputs envelope, that has four coordinates, while for vertical line it outputs Linestring with two points. I think that was missing in my thought process. And yes, this is what I want, cause I use Polygon type in further code. Thank you. – kujaw Aug 17 '20 at 13:43

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