I would like to change the stroke width from mm to map units. The code below is mainly taken from ThomasG77's answer from a previous question. I only found a way to change the units of Labels unfortunately.

Use colums in attribute table to set colors and line thickness directly automatic

layer = iface.activeLayer()

# Get colors in rgb codes from Attribute table
layer.renderer().symbol().symbolLayer(0).dataDefinedProperties().property(QgsSymbolLayer.PropertyStrokeColor).setExpressionString("\"Farben\" || ',255'")

# Get Stroke width from Attribute table

# Refresh rendering of the layer

  • I used your solution in a loop but for me it is not working. The units of the layer remain Milimeters. Even when I change manually the Map Units to something else and run the script it changes to Milimeters ![enter image description here](i.stack.imgur.com/ese6B.png) Here is how I used your suggestion: for a in layers_fimport: #print (a.name()) # get the layer's features as an iterator features = table.getFeatures() # Seach for a specific Layer in the table for feat in features: attrs = feat.attributes() if attrs[0] == a.name(): R = attrs(https:// Apr 5 at 14:41

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I finally found it.


does the job

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