I'm very much a beginner at QGIS, but need to learn something fast.

I am trying to project a table of "MGRS" coordinates from an excel spreadsheet into QGIS. I need a quick and easy way to do this, either through multi point layers or however else it is possible.

My question is similar to this one... Import MGRS vector (old projection) to QGIS

  • I know that QGIS seems to be very much in favor of X/Y or lat/Long coordinates, however I'm working strictly with MGRS, and I need QGIS to recognize the MGRS coordinates in that column of my spreadsheet. Essentially if I add more MGRS points to that spreadsheet, I want to be able to plot them quickly in case of updates.

  • I don't need an Excel spreadsheet that converts MGRS coordinates in their separate sections of MGRS into lat/ long or x/y coordinates. I've already found and downloaded protected spreadsheet for conversion, but I need to be able to plot points on the map from MGRS coordinates in the location column of my spreadsheet.

  • I don't just want a conversion website. I'm not trying to find out what the point I'm looking for is.

  • I've already downloaded lat long tools, but that too has a coordinate converter, but I don't think that's the tool I need. UTM coordinate import using csv table

  • I've tried using a delimited text layer, but it seems to only use lat long coordinates in separate boxes. every instructional video on importing a spreadsheet talks about making a "delimited text layer". but delimited text layers take x/y coordinates as well, and I'm not sure how to implement MGRS coordinates.

  • I'm also not trying to create and project MGRS grid squares on my map. http://gis.stackexchange.com/a/261144/49538

Can anyone give me a simple step by step walkthrough of how I'd do this?

  • I suspect your best bet is to use the conversion spreadsheet to convert to coordinates and then import those values using the delimited file tool – Ian Turton Aug 22 '20 at 10:21

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