I use Quantum GIS 1.8.0 on Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit. I have problem with WFS Layer. I tried tree WFS:

1) Download services - Parcels (Czech Republic) http://services.cuzk.cz/wfs/inspire-cp-wfs.asp?service=WFS&request=GetCapabilities

2) Geonames (Czech Republic) http://geoportal.cuzk.cz/WFS_GN/WFService.aspx?SID=27082012_03561414729376000_PM_021892838861&service=WFS&request=GetCapabilities

3) Example geoserv.weichand.de:8080/geoserver/wfs?service=WFS&request=GetCapabilities

Example #3 is OK.

Example #2 shows Error "The layer geoportal.cuzk.cz/WFS_GN/WFService.aspx?SID=27082012_03561414729376000_PM_021892838861&SERVICE=WFS&VERSION=1.0.0&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAME=gmgml:GEONAMES&SRSNAME=EPSG:102067 is not a valid layer and can not be added to the map"

Example #1 shows Error "capabilities document contained no layers."

I don't know, where are the differences between services. Could you help me?

Thanks Petr

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The two that fail appear to be WFS 2.0 servers so it may be that the default QGIS WFS client can't handle that version - try the WFS 2.0 client plugin and see if that helps.

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    Example 3 also appears to be WFS 2.0, but it does have earlier "AcceptVersion" for 1.0.0. The 2.2.0 was new to me...
    – BradHards
    Commented Oct 22, 2012 at 9:57

Example #2 is a protected service. You have to add an additional parameter (in this case "sid") to the request for authorisation. The WFS 2.0 Plugin already supports standard HTTP-Auth (username, password). I will add support for this type of protection in one of the next releases.


The new version 0.8.2 is online. Now you are able to use the protected WFS 2.0 (Geonames (Czech Republic))

  1. Add a custom SRS to QGIS (EPSG:102067 is non official and the only SRS which is supported by the WFS) http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/qgis-developer/2012-February/018081.html

  2. Use the following URL (WFS 2.0 Client): http://geoportal.cuzk.cz:80/WFS_GN/service.svc/soap?sid=27082012_03561414729376000_PM_021892838861

  3. Overwrite the SRS (WFS 2.0 Client): EPSG:0 --> EPSG:102067


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