Is there a way to customize ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 so that users can filter layers by simply clicking the layer's symbology in the table of contents?   For example, is there a way to add a toggle/checkbox to each level in a layer's symbology that users could click to include/exclude the features from the map?  

  • Or alternatively, select the symbol's label/text to include the features in the map. And deselect the symbol's label/text to exclude the features.
  • Or another way of approaching it might be: enable an option in the layer's properties that allows users to generate a definition query by simply clicking in the symbology.  

This functionality would add efficiency to day-to-day work by eliminating the need to write tedious definition queries (WHERE clauses with IN operator) just to include/exclude a certain type of feature from a layer.  

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    In properties, symbology select ones you don't need and remove. – FelixIP Aug 23 '20 at 19:51

Looking at similar suggestions on ArcGIS Ideas (see links below), no, it does not look like this is currently possible. Although it has been suggested numerous times over the last decade.




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