The syntax in the ModelBuilder of ArcMap varies when trying to use the 'Name' output.

When do I use double quotes, single quotes, or no quotes?

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If you get the error that:

The calculated value is invalid for the row with ObjectID = 1.

It means you've tried to use %Name% in a calculate field--tou need to use "%Name%" with the double-quotes. It may also mean you've used "%Name%" appropriately, but are trying to calculate a non-text (string) field. ArcMap will repeatedly ask if you wish to abort or continue, as it tries to calculate for each field.

In contrast:

General error executing calculator. ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Syntax error Failed to execute (Calculate Field).

Means you've used single quotes: '%Name%'.

File Naming

ERROR 000210: Cannot create output N:\MA\MA_Documents\MA_Proj\NCHRP_PPP\Atlanta\Aug23.gdb\SS_"fishnet5b_I85_vmt"

Means you tried to use double quotes in a file name. Using single quotes will generate the same error.

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