I am currently testing the functionality of raster in Postgis. I have found the option of creating "register" (or out-db) tables in PostGIS, which link to the rasterfile outside the database, using the ´-R´ flag:

raster2pgsql -R C:\Temp\raster_test\DSM_01_test.tif test.dsm_01_test| psql..... 

As far as I understand it the PostgreSQL/PostGIS table does not store the raster file itself - only metadata is stored. As the documentation states it:

Only the metadata of the raster and path location to the raster is stored in the database (not the pixels)

with my out-db raster tabletest.dsm_01_test, how do I get the path of the rasterfile from the PostGIS database?

I have tried the table raster_columns, but it doesn't hold the path to the rasterfile.

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Having re-read Chapter 9, I found st_bandpath to do exactly what I was looking for:

SELECT st_bandpath(rast) 
FROM test.dsm_01_test


| st_bandpath                           |
| text                                  |
| C:\Temp\raster_test\dsm_01_test.tif   |
| ....                                  |

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