For a while I was having an issue where the values for the first two inputs in the raster mosaic tool were not being carried over into the final product. This confused me for a couple hours and while I could find other people asking the same or similar questions online, I couldn't find anyone give a concrete answer into what was causing ity and most of the help threads were left unanswered.

I was able to find an answer to my specific issue, so I thought I would post both the problem, and the answer here to provide anyone with similar issues a potential solution.

The steps that I was taking are: Using the Create Raster Dataset tool I create an empty raster, see below.enter image description here

I then use the Mosaic tool using the five rasters I wish to combine as the input rasters and the empty raster as my target raster, see below.enter image description here

The resulting raster (while keeping the same shape as the five individual rasters) has lost the information for the first two rasters (sections 1 and 2) and it replaced all of the values with 0! enter image description here

This pattern continues if you remove the two rasters where the information is lost and only include the upper three rasters. See below.enter image description here

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Ultimately what the issue turned out to be was that I had the wrong pixel type! When looking at the layer properties I saw that the pixel depth was 32 bit, and I knew my raster had both positive and negative values so in my create raster dataset tool I used the 32 bit signed option. However, on second inspection the pixel type is specified as a floating point.enter image description here

I changed the newly created raster to a 32 bit float pixel type and after mosaicking the resulting raster looked as it should, with the small issue of a seam-line between two of the rasters.enter image description here

I hope this is helpful to people who encounter similar problems so they don't have to feel as dumb as I did when I realized my mistake! I'm still not exactly sure as to what causes the issue. If someone with a deeper understanding would like to weigh in on that I welcome it.

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